Welcome to my shop. These are unique products, carefully created and tested thoroughly. They are made in small batches and used in my paintings every day.  
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Hybrid Paint Medium, 300 ml. squeeze bottle.

  Hybrid Paint Medium is a medium to thin down oil paints at the palette while painting. It was created as an alternative to the use of toxic solvents. Hybrid Paint Medium fortifies the paint as it thins it and it's non-yellowing. It has the consistency of slippery hand lotion. 
  It contains a very small amount of stoddard solvent, approximately 5%, a necessary consequence of the alkyd resin component.
  This emulsion dries to a clear film like oils and is invisible in paints. It gives your paintings a homogeneous satin sheen.  Causes paints to flow off the brush easily while maintaining form. Excellent for fine detail brushwork.
  It can be used directly as a paint making medium on its own or mixed with any proportion of paint oil.
  In acrylic paints, Hybrid Paint Medium gives acrylics an oil-like painting quality. It is also suitable as a retarder and thinning medium.

  Make it yourself if you prefer, instructions are on my paint page.
Titanium White Oil Paint, 37 ml. tube.                      

  Handmade titanium white paint using a custom formulation designed to dry well without yellowing. This is the only white I use. Well suited to the addition of my mediums. Dries in 1 to 5 days depending upon thickness.
  Each batch is tested.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
To place an order,
Phone or text 416-456-1601, 9am-9pm. or send an email to info@thomashirsz.ca
$ 12.50 ea. or 3 for $30.00 + shipping & taxes. 
$22.50  + shipping & taxes.
Brush Cleaner, 250 ml. jar.

simple formula for cleaning brushes. It's completely safe and non-toxic. Specially designed for oil paints but suitable for acrylics too.
  Just dip your brush into the cleaner and work it in, then wipe it off and repeat until the brush is clean. This formula will wash off in water, but I like to simply wipe it off really well and shape the bristles. It helps to condition them as well.

  Make it yourself if you prefer, instructions are on my paint page.
Wash & Glaze Medium, 300 ml. squeeze bottle.

This medium is the ideal solution to the problem of thinning oil paints without using any toxic solvents such as turpentine or the other VOC based thinners. This particular formula is meant to be used as a wash or glaze and is not suitable for reducing paints that are too thick such as is often done at the palette. For reducing thick paints another medium is used called  Hybrid Paint Medium.
  This medium is designed for the addition of a very small percentage of oil paint which creates a thin transparent wash. It needs to be mixed with the paint well and mixes slower than it would with turpentine, but with no fumes at all. It's formula is based on pure acrylic mediums and safe, non-toxic solvents and surfactants. It dries clear and has a nice even satin sheen.
  The Wash and Glaze Medium is ideal for creating acrylic paint washes too and is completely compatable with acrylics.

  Make it yourself if you prefer, instructions are on my paint page.
$17.00 + shipping & taxes.
Wash & Glaze Medium, 300 ml. squeeze bottle.
Brush Cleaner
250 ml. jar.
$10.75 + shipping & taxes.
Hybrid Paint Medium
Dried Alkyd Resin Medium, 300 ml. squeeze bottle.
  A blend of 75% long oil soya alkyd resin and 25% heat bodied linseed oil. Most of the solvents within the alkyd resin have been removed via evaporation and ultraviolet light pre-polymerization. It is necessary to add an oil, otherwise the resins would solidify due to runaway polymerization. The solvents were there for a reason!
  Soya based long oil alkyd is known for its non-yellowing properties and is well suited for use in artists paints. 
  A syrupy consistency.
Contains approximately 15% stoddard solvents.


Patiently made in small batches with thought & care.
$25.00  + shipping & taxes.
Brush Cleaner in a smaller 120 ml. size jar.

  This is enough cleaner to last for many paintings if you use small or medium sized brushes.
$ 6.50
Cedar Tabletop Easel.

  This tabletop easel is handmade of solid cedar. It is 22" tall and can accomodate any thickness of canvas or panel up to a maximum height of 16". It is light, sturdy and easy to use. To transport your painting simply carry the easel by the hole on top into your car and place a weight onto the base. The design is such that it actually grips the painting when lifted.
Shown with a 12"x16" canvas.

$25.00 each.
10 for $200.00
great for classrooms.
$25.00 + shipping & taxes.
Cedar Tabletop Easel
10 for $200.00
Cold Pressed Raw Linseed oil, 1 liter or 500 ml.
  After building my oilseed press I began stocking up on this wonderful oil. My press is a straight press which simply squashes the flax seeds until all the oil is squeezed out. The seeds are not mashed up as with expellers. This means more oil and less mucilage and gums, etc. It is cold pressed, the seeds go directly from the burlap bag into the press. Washing this oil is a joy compared to other raw oils.                      A greenish gold colour with seed particle sediment. Filter it before washing. 
$25.00 per liter or $14 per 500 ml.  + shipping & taxes.


Blue Green Teal Pigment, 100 grams in a plastic jar.
  Genuine cobalt chromite blue green teal pigment, PG26. A rare and beautiful pigment. Semi-transparent, good for all paint types and a very good drier in oil paints.
  Pigments are sold by weight.

$17.00  + shipping & taxes.


$15.00 each  + shipping & taxes.