Past Shows

-Art in the Valley 2016, 1rst Annual Show & Sale presented by the
University of Toronto- Scarborough Campus at Miller Lash House.
Imagination 2016, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Artist's Choice Open Summer Exhibition.
-Artworks Oakville 17th Annual Juried Show, 2016.
-Through the Eyes of the Artist, Lakeshore Arts 23rd Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2016.
-Oakville Art Society, 50th Anniversary Juried Show, Oakville Galleries’ Centennial Square, 2015.
-Through the Eyes of the Artist, Lakeshore Arts 22nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2015.

-Member's Showcase 2014, Lakeshore Arts, Smith Zone Gallery.
-Through the Eyes of the Artist, Lakeshore Arts 21rst Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2014.

Fine Arts of Milton's 2nd Annual Open Juried Exhibition 2013.
-JMR Gallery, Featured Artist, September, 2013, Bayfield, Ontario.
-Impact 2013, 21rst Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Neilson Park Creative Centre.
-Through the Eyes of the Artist, Lakeshore Arts 20th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2013.
-Capital One Art Exhibition, Capital One Bldg., North York, 2013.
-Fine Arts of Milton's 1rst Annual Open Juried Exhibition 2012.
-Member's Showcase 2012, Lakeshore Arts, Smith Zone Gallery.
-Falling Leaves, Neilson Park Creative Centre's Members' Choice Fall Exhibition 2012
-Art Squared, 2nd Annual Outdoor Art Sale, Lakeshore Arts, 2012.
-Imagination 2012, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Artist's Choice Open Summer Exhibition.
-Solo Show, "Heatwave, Temperature Rising.", Lakeshore Arts Smith Zone Gallery 2012.
-Lakeshore Arts Member's Show, Smith Zone Gallery, 2011.
-Solo Show, "Heatwave, The Series" at The Gallery Studio Cafe, 2011
-The Ontario Plein Air Society Art Show at the JEH MacDonald House, Thornhill, 2011.
-All About Color, This Century Art Gallery group show - Williamsburg Art Center, Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A., 2011.
-Art Squared, 1rst Annual Outdoor Art Sale, Lakeshore Arts, 2011.
-Impact 2011, 19th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Neilson Park Creative Centre.
-Art in the Park 2011, Neilson Park Creative Centre.
-Artworks Oakville 12th Annual Juried Show, 2011.
-Through the Eyes of the Artist, Lakeshore Arts 17th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2011.
-The Lakeshore Lifetimes and Landscapes Juried Art Exhibition, 2011.
-The Ontario Plein Air Society Art Show at the JEH MacDonald House, Thornhill, 2010.
-Imagination 2010, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Artist's Choice Open Summer Exhibition.
-A Brush With the Highlands, Plein-Air Art Festival and Juried Show, 2010.
-Through the Eyes of the Artist, Lakeshore Arts 17th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 2010.
-Artworks Oakville 11th Annual Juried Show, 2010.
-The Etobicoke Art Group, 46th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2009.
-Solo Show, Tatsu's Bakery, Feb., 2010.
-Solo Show, The Birds and Beans Cafe, August, 2009.
-Artworks Oakville 10th Annual Juried Show, 2009.
-The Etobicoke Art Group, 45th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2008.

"Mallard Swim Class"
14" x 17", oil on panel.

A young Mallard duck and her ducklings are thinking about going for a swim. It was early spring so the water would be chilly! A Humber Bay West Park scene. The water was only about 3 feet deep at this spot so the algae covered bottom is plainly visible.

Private collection.
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14" x 17", oil on panel.

This is the view from your chair at the Hot Stacks Restaraunt in Cookstown. I have tried many times to finish my plate but have never been able to. I'm not giving up...I'll be back!

$525 in a matte black frame.

A journal of my work, thoughts and ideas.
Searching for new inspiration....
   I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto. It's a big bustling city but a calm oasis follows me everywhere. I see paintings wherever I go.
  As a young boy I was fascinated by the design of things around me, constantly drawing pictures and creating things. It wasn't until the age of 43 that I began painting. Coaxed into taking art classes by my wife I became mesmerized by the power of paint and have been painting almost daily ever since.
   My greatest influences have been Norman Rockwell who never considered himself a painter and preferred to be known as an illustrator. He was a master at creating a scene. I am especially grateful to have discovered the teachings of Frank Reilly, another great illustrative painter. The working process has become orderly and relaxing. Richard Schmid's artwork has also inspired me. He has an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of a scene without overworking the painting.
  I consider life to be a journey, one in which Love is the guiding force. My hope is that the beauty of this journey is reflected in my art.
"Grand Bend Beach"
40" X 50", oil on canvas.

The winds are blowing into your face from across Lake Huron and out of the west. This is Grand Bend's beach. This sand keeps moving from here into the town where the shopkeepers are wearing out their brooms trying to push the sand out of their doorways.
A very peaceful yet dynamic place.

On exhibit at The Lakeside Clinic...

Where to See It
  One of the problems for an artist working from home is that he may not be accessible to people who want to see his work and his studio. This is exactly the problem I have. My studio is in the basement of my house and shares space with a laundry area , the furnace and my workshop. I love it here, everything is well lit and and comfortable but it is not very spacious or suitable as a gallery to exhibit my paintings.
  So what I have been doing is hanging my paintings in a variety of business locations as shown here.
Artist Copyright - All works of art within this web site are protected under copyright laws. No portion of the artists works may be used without permission from the artist.
"Shore's Edge"
40" x 50", oil on canvas.

  Looking west over Lake Huron on a windy evening.
This painting is part of an exhibit at The Lakeside Clinic in Barrie, Ontario.

"Marching Pipers"
16" x 20", oil on panel.

  I'm not an expert in regards to Scottish Pipers but I did notice the words "Clinton Branch" on one of the drums so I assume they are affiliated with the Legion. In this painting they are marching through Bayfield during the annual fall parade which winds down the summer tourist season. This is 2014.
  I began noticing many things within the reference images while creating this painting. First of all it seems that piping must be difficult, constantly blowing your lungs out while marching in unison. The effort is seen in their faces. The short band members must have a hard time with their stride and one of the drummers can barely see where she's going.
  These musicians are passionate about their efforts, Scottish pride is evident everywhere. Teary eyed men were amongst the bystanders.
  This was a fun painting.

(One of the pipers bought it.)
"Dreaming of Algonquin"
30" x 48", oil on birch panel.

   This painting was a commissioned work for Ashley. It was a wedding gift to her new husband, Dave, at their wedding recently. Congrats and I hear that the hubby is very happy...and also loves the painting! The painting was kept secret until now...
  The scene is derived from a photo of their camping trip into the wilds of Algonquin Park. That is the happy hubby in the canoe, probably bringing back some supper of fresh pickerel:)
It's an unusual scene in that the sun is setting behind us and only the tree tops are directly sunlit. Darkness will set in quickly now.
  I am breaking out into a less rigid view of reality. Thoughts of Casson's work in the Canadian wilderness helped me develop this painting.
"Nia Dancers"
8" x 16"
Oil on canvas.

  A dance class practicing Nia, a form of sensory based movements which connect the body, mind, emotions and spirit. They are outdoors on the shores of Lake Ontario on a warm summer evening.
  The edges are painted.

All prices are in Canadian funds.
"Flowers for the Iceman"

8" x 16",
Oil on canvas.

A window view of a cold winter day, icicles hanging from the eaves. The dried flowers come to life as they attempt to appease the Iceman.


"Foliage of Pelee Island"
Oil on panel.

  A typical backroad scene on Pelee Island, a magical place where time seems to stand still. It is the southern-most place in Canada accessable only by ferry. Stormy weather plays havoc on the island as it is barely above the water, flooding easily. This tree has weathered some ice storms and has many broken branches. It is still beautiful to me.

$200  framed in a dark smokey purple frame.
"The Daily Itch"
Oil on canvas.

  Horses like a regular routine. This one likes to roll over onto his back soon after leaving the barn every morning.
  Apples are irresistable to a horse. The excitement is building...

"Nail Polish and Whiskey"

10"x8", oil on panel.

  This painting has been developing in my mind for a couple of years. The figure was created without using a model, simply drawn and adjusted until the magic shows itself.

  She is getting ready for a night on the town and we are sneaking a peek into her preparation ritual.
  The boys at the local pub don't stand a chance!

"Early Winter- Lake Huron"
16"x22", oil on canvas.

It's December and a cool wind is blowing from the west. Grey skies are blowing past. Soon the snow and ice will overwhelm these shores. This is Lake Huron as seen from Bayfield, Ontario.


"Asylum Grounds"
8"x10", oil on panel, painted monotone edges.

This is a scene of one of the sidewalks leading to the buildings of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital here in Etobicoke.
It is now a Humber College Campus and a Jean Tweed Centre. The grounds are beautiful and the buildings are important heritage sites.
I was attracted by the calm, orderly peacefulness of this scene however there seem to be some unintended ghostly apparitions within the shadows.

This is the plein air trike.
  My wife calls it "Deathtrap" but to me it represents freedom. It has both pedal power and electric power with a range of about 40 km.
  The purpose of this machine is to carry me to plein air painting sites. It can go places that a car cannot. I will be discussing these journeys with some of my paintings so keep in touch.
"Early July- Humber River"
12"x16", oil on panel.

  A Humber River scene partly painted en plein air with finishing touches in studio. I have combined the softness of brushes with heavier palette knife strokes.
  This is my favourite stretch of this river, just north of the Old Mill.

$200  framed.  
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"Drought at Humber River"
14"x18", oil on canvas.

  During August the water level became quite low. Not much rain this summer. Many more rocks are visible. Since I make my own paint I created some special formulas for this painting. 

"The George Hotel, Scotland"
18"x24", oil on panel, gallery edges painted monotone.

  The George Hotel is in the town of Inverary, Scotland and was built in 1770. See their website
We were there during our holidays last April. Rose is Scottish with a large family so everyday we were carted off to new sites all over the countryside. On this day we were out with Eddy and Linda to see a lighthouse somewhere on the western shores. Eddy is an avid sailor and we were meant to be sailing that day but it was too windy so a day trip on the road was substituted. I had been searching for the best fish and chips in Scotland and this hotel was highly recommended so in we went for lunch. I think their fish and chips are near the top of my list. In Scotland ALL the fish and chips are absolutely delicious and the portions are always large.
  This painting is of the bar area of the restaurant. I snapped a picture as we were leaving. It has a low ceiling and bare beams with lots of fancy woodwork. Scotland is known for its whiskies and they are all here it seems. A variety of photographic references were used to create this scene, with much editing and brother-in-law Eddy has been unwittingly inserted as a bartender although his features have been obscured somewhat. He's actually a retired banker spending his time golfing, sailing and enjoying a bit of whiskey now and then! The main purpose of our trip to Scotland was to attend his daughter's wedding.

"Scotland Lighthouse"
24"x18", acrylic modified oil on canvas.

   A scene from one of our day trips in Scotland, this time we are on the western shores at one of the lock systems- I don't recall the town's name. It was April and a particularily cold and windy day. This little lighthouse at the of the breakwater marks the entrance to the locks. Yellow lichen grows on the stone wall.


"South Baymouth Cabin"
10"x8", oil on panel.

  South Baymouth is on Manitoulin Island. It is where the ferry docks.

Private collection.
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"North Rock"
12"x16", oil on canvas.

  A plein air painting looking north from my friend's cottage on Bobs Lake near Kingston. These giant rocks make up the landscape here. The cottage is overlooking the lake and is built on more rock. 
  I am a slow painter and so it was very convenient to be working from the deck of the cottage. 5 part days were spent on this painting with lots of breaks in between. In the evenings  mosquitos were swarming so all work stopped. I'm a city guy and I think the mosquitos know it.

$300, unframed.
"Humber River Scene"
12"x36", oil hybrid on canvas.

The culmination of last summer's plein air sessions on the shores of the Humber River, mostly in the area of the Old Mill. I believe that the white birds flying by are Great Egrets. There are Mallards and Canada Geese in the water and some Homo Sapiens Sapiens walking by in the background:)
The colour green is not my favourite but I made a concious decision to just go with it freely rather than to mask it with browns and such as I have in the past. Another battle I had with this painting was in keeping the values light and bright as my natural tendency is to go darker. I tried to recall what the sunlit areas of a landscape actually are and in fact they are very bright, hence greens are more like pale lemon yellows in the sunlight

$480, gallery style edges painted monotone.
"Mimico Ave."
24"x24", oil on canvas.

   This is the south end of Mimico Ave. at Lakeshore Blvd. W..
  "Mimico" means home of the passenger pigeon in the original native people's language. My old woodworking shop was in the old grocery store farther along this street at #80. This was one of the main streets in the old Village of Mimico but now it's losing its heritage. Many shops have become residences. A church is becoming a condo...nothing stays the same I suppose.

$380, edges painted.
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"Leaving On a Jet Plane"
21"x33", modified oil on canvas.

   When I spotted this scene it immediately caught my attention. I was intrigued by the symmetry of wine , jet engine and excited traveller.

1" thick edges painted monotone grey.

The reference image taken with an iPhone. Notice that 2 jets have been added and many details have changed, moved or been omitted in the painting.