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Birch Saplings finished

Birch Saplings finished

2021-01-25 (Last Update: Mon, 25 Jan 2021) Thomas Hirsz 0 Art Blog

It is finished! I may make tiny touch ups as time goes on but I try to leave my paintings alone for a few days while I enjoy the sight of it. If there is an issue it will show eventually. Since the last post I have worked on the trees focusing on the depth of the inner foliage as well as some work on the detail of the outer foliage. In the dark inner woods the colours are darker with more of a low saturation bluish green. The perimeter foliage is brighter showing more yellowish greens. Notice how I've placed some patches of dark violets in the foliage. There is a little violet in all the shadows of a landscape but I have exaggerated this phenomenon. Also be aware that sunlight is golden so sunlit portions will contain more yellow.

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