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Birch Saplings Reworked muddy road

Birch Saplings Reworked muddy road

2021-01-18 (Last Update: Mon, 18 Jan 2021) Thomas Hirsz 0 Art Blog

The cottage road is now a muddy road with puddles of water in the tire ruts. This is another example of a happy accident in the painting of a picture. I began with a road colour of a very pale mauve sort of colour and realized later that it was not suitable and so I began to overpaint this colour but it dawned on me that this pale mauve looked like the sky's reflection in puddles of water. I simply structured my overpainting strokes to create tire ruts. In the background tree line there has been some improvement in the details of the trees but everything has been kept somewhat fuzzy due to the effect of distance. Since the treetops are closer to the sun they are brighter.

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