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Birch Saplings Reworked more fields trees details

Birch Saplings Reworked more fields trees details

2021-01-19 (Last Update: Tue, 19 Jan 2021) Thomas Hirsz 0 Art Blog

The painting is nearing its completion. More detail has been added and I've built up the bodies of the rabbits using acrylic modelling paste mixed with a little linseed stand oil. The stand oil and acrylic modelling paste will stick and cure very well leaving me with a good surface for painting on top of. Notice that the grassy fields areas of the painting are light values and more yellow than green. This is what happens to green when it is brightly lit, it becomes more yellow. In the shadows it remains more green. The stronger the sunlight the stronger the change in values. For more info about acrylic and oil paint emulsions see This is my online art supply shop.

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